Sponsors & Partners 2022

Interested in the Integration Week?

If you would like to work with PolySI, do not hesitate to contact our sponsorship managers at the following address: sponsoring@polysi.ch
We would be delighted to work out a personalized sponsorship concept that best matches your business profile!

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AGEPoly is the general association of EPFL students. They represent you to the various bodies of the school and take care of hosting several events on campus. AGEPoly is also the service center that takes care of good deals and other promotional offers intended for students. Entering EPFL, it is also entering the world of AGEPoly!


Welcoming more than 200 companies and 110 start-ups from October 3 to 7, 2022 at the SwissTech Convention Center, the EPFL Forum is the largest recruitment fair in Switzerland and among the largest in Europe. Our association organizes this and other events throughout the year to provide this service free of charge to EPFL students.
You too can participate at the end of the year by becoming staff and, why not, member of the organizing committee for the next edition, in order to work in a professional environment recognized by the largest Swiss and international companies.


Swisscom supports all EPFL students with a dynamic and low subscription fee! See what you can get!
Your best choice was to study in Switzerland. Your next best one is to subscribe to Swisscom mobile! Have a look at what we offer and what you can get. Come and visit us at the Swisscom Shop in the Centre Métropole!
Swisscom mobile: the cleverest option for EPFL’s students!


Present in Lausanne and Yverdon, we are a local car/utility vehicles renting company with cheap prices. We are happy to support UNIL and EPFL students with a 10% discount on daily rates !