PolySI 2018


7 to 13 Sept. 2018


EPFL Campus, Lausanne, CH

We are sold out! Waiting lists are now open.

You'll have to be fast, there are very few places for many new students! The policy is first come first served. We are looking forward to your registration!

Payment of registration

The payment of the registration will be made via PolyBanking (Postcard, Swiss Postal Account or Credit Card  only) or directly by paying at the AGEPoly shop on the EPFL Campus. It is absolutely necessary to have completed the payment so that your inscription is taken into account! Any unpaid registration will not be considered.

Waiting that, the PolySI good deals

Since you have made the effort to come here we give you some info that are not on "official" websites :)


You'll probably need a bank account!

If you come from another country than Switzerland or if you live in Switzerland, you will need a bank account for everyday life. If this is your case, you can have a look at the offers UBS Campus. Ok, This bank is not present on the Campus, but offers a whole lot of super friendly services for students, like the KeyClub program which gives you vouchers (of 5 CHF) the whole year and that you can spend in a bunch of cool stuff and that will make you small savings in everyday life. In addition the withdrawals on the cash machine are free everywhere, so also to the bancomat on the campus :D. You can visit or call Renens's agancy Which is very close to the EPFL if you want to open your account or have more infos. If you do not know the region yet, we have a route on this page. If you do not have time to go there, go to the AGEPoly office and ask for Marianne, she can give you some basic information and a small map.


Forum EPFL

Accueillant plus de 170 entreprises et 70 start-ups du 8 au 12 octobre 2018 au SwissTech Convention Center, le Forum EPFL est le plus grand salon de recrutement de Suisse et parmi les plus grands d’Europe. Notre association s’occupe d’organiser cet événement et d’autres pendant toute l’année afin d’offrir ce service gratuitement aux étudiants et étudiantes de l’EPFL.

Toi aussi, tu peux y participer en fin d’année en devenant staff et, pourquoi pas, membre du comité d’organisation de l’édition suivante, afin de travailler dans un environnement professionnel et reconnu auprès des plus grandes entreprises suisses et internationales.

About Us

PolySI is a comission of the General Students Assocition. Our goal is to offer an incredible week before the new academic year to help new students to get integrated on the EPFL campus.

Our Contacts

PolySI, c/o AGEPoly
CP 16, CH-1015 Lausanne

contact [at] polysi [point] ch